iPhone & Android Repair Services

iPhone & Android Repair Services

Dedicated to Fixing Your Mobile Device – Satisfaction Guaranteed

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ClickAway, the Bay Area’s leading computer and mobile tech sales and repair store, knows how to fix anything that goes wrong with your phone. Our trained, expert technicians can quickly diagnose and fix both hardware and software, external damage or internal difficulties. Along with our technical expertise, our leading customer service ensures that you get the straight story, every time. We let you know the diagnosis, what it will take to fix it, and what your best options are. Your happiness is our satisfaction.

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Dedicated to Fixing Your Mobile Device - Satisfaction Guaranteed

As technology advances, devices utilizing these technologies become smaller and smaller. Today's cell phones have more computing power than past computers that took up an entire room of space. Modern mobile devices allow users to hold the world -- or at least all of its information, maps, and games -- in their hands. Our certified technicians are on hand to fix any problem they may encounter.

Cell Phone Repair for Northern California: You Can Depend on ClickAway’s Expert Technicians

In the Bay Area, the mobile tech center of the world, we know how important it is to have functioning cell phones. They keep us connected, keep us working, keep us entertained, knowledgeable, and on top of everything. We talk to our family and text our friends. We take photos, shoot movies, and show off our work. From the majesty of the Golden Gate to the quiet of a backyard BBQ, our smartphones and cell phones are always with us, so it’s important to know where to take them for repair when something goes wrong.

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ClickAway knows that your home or business needs solutions, not salesmanship, and our staff is ready to answer any questions you have. We pride ourselves on honesty, dedication, teamwork, and knowledge. From a home office to a growing enterprise, we make sure that you have what you need now, and are ready to face the future.

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If your cell phone is damaged, there’s only one place to turn: ClickAway, the Bay Area’s leading mobile tech sales and phone repair shop. Our expert, friendly technicians can diagnose your problem and let you know all your available options, including in-store repair. When your phone is broken, you can despair—or you can come to ClickAway. Contact one of our dozens of locations today to make an appointment, request a quote, or find a store near you!


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Imagine if you saw everything in life through a cracked screen. The beautiful Northern California would look like a jagged, confusing kaleidoscope. No one would put up with it in real life, which is what makes it surprising that so many people put up with a cracked screen on their smartphone. You don’t have to anymore. At ClickAway our expert technicians can fix or replace a cracked screen for as low as $29.

Our certified technicians can repair most screens in under an hour, getting you out of our conveniently-located stores and back to texting, talking, and surfing. We only use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, and guarantee all our repairs. Having a cracked screen can be dangerous, and can lead to a lot of other problems: it can let in water, dust, and other particulate matter that can fry the interior, destroying your phone altogether. Get to a ClickAway before that happens.


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