ClickAway’s Expert Computer Services for Your Home

Your home computer is the hub of your professional and social life. It is used to manage family finances, plan vacations, keep in touch, stay social, and stay informed. Kids use it to research, do their homework, and play games. More and more, people are using it as a workstation, especially as telecommuting becomes a major part of American employment. Your home computer is your lifeline. At ClickAway, we know this means two things: you need the best and you need it to be working.

Our home computer services help with both hardware and software – both with the actual machines and with the data you need. Our expert and friendly technicians work with you to keep your data secure and your computer in top shape, starting with installation.

Our home services include:

  • New System Setup: As low as $29 to have your new computer system expertly installed.
  • Computer Diagnostic and Repair: 1-hour free diagnostic and qualified repair on PCs, Apple, laptops, and more!
  • Software Installation Service: Time is money. Make sure your software is installed correctly the first time.
  • Data Services: Protect your information! We offer data backup, migration, storage, and recovery to ensure that if your system goes down, you aren’t out.
  • Virus Removal: It’s a scary world out there. We can help you protect yourself against spyware, trojan horses, hackers, and more.
  • Computer System Rebuild: You may not need a new computer, after all! ClickAway’s technicians can get your old one running as good as new.


We offer service at any of our ClickAway locations, as well as in-home service in select areas.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area or Northern California in general, you know you home computer is the central point of the cultural and economic climate. You need it set up and installed correctly, you need it to be secure, and you need it fixed if anything goes wrong. At ClickAway, we’re proud to be able to offer you those services. Contact us today to get started.