Laptop Batteries

Replacement laptop and notebook batteries
Certified replacements and extended life options.
Starting at only $19!

ClickAway offers a wide selection of replacement laptop batteries and laptop chargers for the leading manufacturers of laptop computers including Apple, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba and more. If you need assistance locating your laptop battery or charger please contact us and we will find the right battery for you.

Did you know the average life of a laptop battery is only 12-18 months? After this period, your battery life diminishes rapidly. For a small price, you can refresh your notebook’s off-tether lifespan.

  • Laptop batteries have different capacities—the amount of charge that they’re designed to hold. Over time, laptop batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge, as is the case for all rechargeable batteries. This means that even though you’re fully charging your battery, the actual amount of power that the battery can hold is going down. You can find information about the capacity of your laptop battery by looking at the information printed on the battery, or reading the information that came with the laptop or battery.
  • Even relatively new batteries can fail or become damaged—exposure to extreme heat can damage a battery—and quickly go from holding a charge to not holding a charge.
  • If you plan to replace your battery, you should contact ClickAway to assist you in finding a battery that is made by, or certified to be used in your computer by your computer manufacturer.
  • Batteries do sometimes fail prematurely, so it’s a good idea to only buy batteries that come with a warranty. ClickAway only sells manufacturer approved batteries with 1 year or greater warranties so you can buy with confidence.

Stop by any of our service centers to speak to a certified technician about battery options available for your notebook.