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Data Recovery

Data Backup

  • Local Backup Solutions
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  • Business Backup Consulting

Data Migration

Data Storage

  • Local Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Server Storage Solutions
  • Business Storage Consulting

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  • Data Recovery – We can find lost files and recover data from computers, hard drives, or cell phones that have crashed, or suffered fire or water damage.  Data Recovery as low as $99, misplaced file location starting at $29 in-store!
  • Data Backup – Don’t risk losing all your precious pictures, documents and data – call today to learn more about automatic backup.  Data backup as low as $79 in-store!
  • Data Migration – If you’re thinking about buying a new phone or computer, not only can you buy it from us but we can move your data to your new device as well.  Data Migration as low as $79 for computers and $29 for cell phones!
  • Data Storage – Let us help you select the storage option that is right for you.  Data Storage as low as $49/hour in-store!