Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our A+ BBB rated technicians can manage all your computer IT needs for a low monthly fee.

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Our Managed IT Services Services:

Think about what your Bay Area or Northern California business does best. Think about what you bring to the table: vision, design, managerial excellence, creativity, drive, the ability to create something where there once was nothing. Does your list include managing your IT services and making sure that nothing goes wrong with them? Does it include making sure that your employees are always connected? Probably not. Most people don’t start a business hoping to sweat the technical side. That’s what your IT services should be: something that just works without you having to worry about it. With ClickAway’s managed IT services, that’s what you’ll get.

Managed IT services take a sky-high view of what your network is doing, what it needs, where it wants to go, and how to get there,

5-Star Service!

John S.
San Jose, CA
Great service!


  • Monitoring
  • Support
  • Advice
  • Early-warnings
  • On-site service
  • System analysis
  • Business solutions


Plan Period Plan Plan Price Hours Discount Regular Service Hour Price Hourly Service Savings *Total Average Savings
90 Day Bronze 90 $599 5 38% $645 $46 $246
90 Day Silver 90 $749 7 48% $903 $154 $434
90 Day Gold 90 $999 10 54% $1,290 $291 $691
90 Day Platinum 90 $1,899 20 57% $2,580 $681 $1,481
90 Day Diamond 90 $3,599 40 61% $5,160 $1,561 $3,161
30 Day Bronze 30 $499 5 54% $645 $146 $346
30 Day Silver 30 $649 7 59% $903 $254 $534
30 Day Gold 30 $899 10 61% $1,290 $391 $791
30 Day Platinum 30 $1,649 20 67% $2,580 $931 $1,731
30 Day Diamond 30 $3,199 40 69% $5,160 $1,961 $3,561


Free Consultation

Risk free consultation & diagnostic is always free, regardless of the solution.


Low-Price Guarantee

Guaranteed lowest price, we beat all competitor pricing.


We Come to You

Our techs will come to your business to service your network while you wait.

Taking the Bird’s Eye View of Your System

We work with your business to allow it to grow without worrying about the underpinning infrastructure. It’s what we do best and we’re happy to offer all these services for a flat fee, based on how many servers, computers, and connections you have. We’re flexible enough to work with you. Check out our price calculator to easily get an idea of our flat fee!