User/Client Configuration

As low as $49hr
We can configure your client setup for your network fast and affordably.

You know what’s an example of great technology? The engine. Think about a car engine: it’s powerful, it’s complicated, and it allows the car to do everything, from burning gas for energy to powering the onboard computer. And yet, by itself, outside of a car, its pretty pointless. You can imagine it tearing across San Francisco like Steve McQueen, but it can’t do anything on its own. Neither can your server. Your server has to be set up so that all the computers in your system can take advantage of it and make sure it works to the best of its abilities. That’s where ClickAway’s user/client setup comes to the rescue.

User/client refers to the computers that are going to be using the server and are plugged into the system. This sounds easy, but making sure it is configured properly to maximize its power and get everything working in harmony involves more than just throwing wires around. It takes careful, expert planning, and that’s what ClickAway’s user/client setup service offers. We want to make sure that your system is working to the fullest of its abilities.

Our User/Client Services Include:

  • Domain configuration
  • Client profile setup
  • Enabling client rights and permissions
  • Ensuring Internet access, server access, and network viability
  • Installation of any needed software applications

While we’re not trying to compare ourselves to Bullit, we do know a thing or two about the Bay Area and Northern California. We know you want powerful servers and unimpeachable connectivity. Our user/client setup helps gets you there. At ClickAway, your business is our business.