Apple’s MacBook Air: Floats Like a Butterfly

MacBook AirWhen the first MacBook Air came out, it was a revelation. People all over San Francisco and the Bay Area were stunned at how this lightweight laptop could deliver such a high level of quality. They shouldn’t have been – this was Apple, after all. That feeling of excitement hasn’t faded, as Apple keeps improving on their signature lightweight laptop, making it more portable and easier to manage without sacrificing any of the speed and usability you expect.

Let’s check the Tale of the Tape. The latest version of the MacBook Air clocks in at an incredibly light three pounds while still boasting a 13-inch screen. The screen isn’t just a nice size – it has a very friendly 1440 x 900 resolution, perfect for watching movies or playing games, as well as getting work done. Check out these impressive features of the MacBook Air:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Apple intuitive user functionality
  • OS 10 operating system
  • 7 GHz Dual-Core Processing Center

Of course, with all this comes Apple’s amazing suite of products including favorites like GarageBand, iTunes, iBooks, iMovie, and Photobooth. You can create, play, and work on this amazing lightweight machine.

If you want a phenomenal laptop that’s easy to carry and use, while being fast and strong enough to meet all your computing needs, the Apple MacBook Air may be just the computer for you.

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