The HP Pavilion 15 Notebook: For Your Everyday Computing Needs


If you’ve been to the movies in the last few years, you’ve noticed that the Bay Area has had a rough go of it. By our count, it has been destroyed by apes, monsters from another dimension, and Godzilla. These faux disasters may have you longing for something sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. If you want a laptop that can do all that, take a look at the HP Pavilion 15 Notebook.

The motto of the Pavilion 15 is “get things done.” This no-frills laptop has a powerful Windows 8 operating system and is designed to meet your computing needs. With a large 15.6 inch screen and 1366 x 768 resolution, the HP Pavilion 15 fulfills all your business and work needs. It’s a tried and tested model that gets better every year. Some of its highlights include:

  • A large and user-friendly keyboard
  • 4 GB memory
  • Up to 8 GB total memory
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Extremely reliable

If your computing needs don’t involve making art or creating the next big band, the Pavilion 15 Notebook from Hewlett-Packard may be the best choice for you. With a fantastic price and absolute reliability, it is ideally suited for the everyday computer user. It might not be able to save you from marauding apes but offers comfort when everything else is breaking down.

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