Pavilion 15 Notebook vs. MacBook Air

Pavilion 15 Notebook vs MacBook Air: Two Rights Make a Right

Anyone who has been in an argument about something knows how it goes. You pick a side, whether it’s Trek vs. Wars, Tablet vs. Smartphone, Golden Gate vs. Bay Bridge – and then you defend it passionately until you forget that both are great. You might just prefer one over the other or perhaps you need one more. When it comes to a laptop to fit your needs, the best one is the one that is best suited for you. The Pavilion 15 Notebook and the MacBook Air are two great laptops designed with different needs in mind.

The Pavilion 15 Notebook by Hewlett-Packard prides itself on reliability for users who demand a solid, no-frills laptop for work, school, or home. It’s not for the hardcore gamer or someone who wants to create the next hit song, but offers computing power for other needs. With a large 15.6-inch screen and a long-lasting battery, full-sized keyboard, and great internal managing systems, the Pavilion 15 Notebook fills the needs of anyone who wants an easy-to-use and predictable computer.

The MacBook Air is another marvel by Apple – incredibly lightweight with brilliant 1400 x 900 resolution on a 13-inch screen. Powered by the OS 10, this fast computer offers Apple design and reputable user interface without sacrificing any power. At a mere three pounds, it is one of the lightest laptops out there yet still boasts substantial memory and a long-lasting battery.

 HP15  MacBook Air

You want the Pavillion 15 Notebook if…

You want the MacBook Air if…

  • You want a quality, reliable laptop
  • You want a long-lasting great battery and easy-to-use keyboard
  • You are looking to spend less while still getting a lot
  • You want the Apple suite of apps, including iTunes, Photobooth, and Garageband
  • You value Apple’s style and usability
  • You are looking for a lightweight laptop without sacrificing power

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