Pricing Overview

Thank you for considering ClickAway for your computer repair and networking needs. We offer an unbeatable combination of customer support and great pricing – and we always treat all our customers like we’d want our own friends and family to be treated! Here is a pricing overview for our most commonly requested services:



from $49/hour in-store

as low as $29

On-Site Service & Networking for PCs
$79/hour on-site

On-Site Service & Networking for Macs
$99/hour on-site

Voice & Data Cabling (CAT5/CAT6)
Starting at $99 per drop
Call for free site assessment!

as little as $29 pricing varies by incident

$69 for first 4 GB of data, $10 for each additional 4 GB

$149 for full tune-up

$149 Windows Vista, XP, any Mac OS $199 Windows 98, 2000 $299 Windows NT