Networking Your Home & Business

As low as $79hr
Industry leading home & business Networking Solutions including setup, cabling, & security. 

Homes need to be connected. Whether you are looking to start your own business, work from home as people increasingly are, or just want to be able to get online and enjoy everything the web has to offer, you need your home to be just as connected, fast, and powerful as if you were sitting in the gleaming headquarters of a massive multi-national. Technology has leveled the playing field and ClickAway can help you take advantage of that. Our home networking solutions provide you the expertise you need to turn your den into a globe-spanning station for work, school, or just checking out the latest memes and keeping up with your friends on social media.

Our specialty is wired and wireless networks: exactly what you need to keep up with the big guys. Our friendly, expert technicians will come to your house or home office and give you the speed and flexibility you need at prices that can’t be beat. Our services include:

  • Service and Repair: When something goes wrong, ClickAway is there to make it right, fast.
  • Network Installation: Connect to the internet and wire your whole house or small office to be connected and working in harmony.
  • Network Cabling: We can expertly wire your whole house for maximum internet connection.
  • Network Security: Your personal or business data is yours. ClickAway’s network security keeps you protected from mistakes or cybercrimes.
  • Server Installation: Important for home businesses that want to grow – we help you get what you need at prices you can afford.
  • Server Upgrades: When your old server isn’t enough to handle your growth, we give you expert upgrades and data migration.

There’s no reason anymore for your home not to be connected. It may seem daunting, but with ClickAway’s expert technicians ready to come to your home to help you out, understanding how to maximize your home office is a snap. Get connected today with ClickAway’s home networking solutions!