20 IT Services

Getting You Back Online and Back in Business

When you can’t connect to the internet, your business suffers. Urgent emails from clients go unread; messages to staff in different offices get unsent; the research you need to stay ahead of the game gets undone. If you’re in the cloud, you might even lose key pieces of client information, including basics like addresses, phone numbers, and invoices. In short, you grind to a halt. ClickAway wants to get you moving again.

Our IT services come in two layers: non-urgent and urgent.

Non-urgent issues include one or two computers being down, being unable to connect to an online printer, or other minor issues. For these, we guarantee a technician within 24 hours so that even the smallest things can get resolved. We know that small things add up to huge headaches.

Urgent issues can be an entire system-wide disconnect, leaving you unable to do anything more complicated than decide where to grab coffee while you wait to get back to work. With ClickAway’s IT services, that wait is guaranteed to be two hours or less before our technician arrives.

We know that you need to get online to function in today’s business environment and not being able to do something so elementary can be deeply frustrating. It can also hurt a small business with a narrow margin for error. Let us ease some of that worry with our expert IT services. At ClickAway, the success of your business is our business.