Network Design

Our network specialists can help you design a network that best fits your needs.

San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California companies in general lead the world in technological sophistication. Whether you’re opening your first shop, expanding into new offices, or even just sketching out what you’d like to do, making sure you have a network that can handle not just your current capabilities, but future ones as well, is crucial to making sure you aren’t ever stuck. Having the right idea but the wrong network design is the most frustrating event in modern business. That’s where ClickAway comes in.

Our expertise allows us to plan and design the system with your needs in mind and make the transition both smooth and completely worry-free. We look at every option available to you and make sure that our network design takes into account your business goals both in the present and in the future. Our expert analysis also helps you plan for disaster recovery so you don’t lose what you’ve built.

Our Network Design Services Include:

  • Free consultation and site analysis
  • Computer configuration recommendations
  • Suggested software installation
  • Schedule of administrative and maintenance services
  • Proposed network schematic

You start with a plan, and that plan includes growth. Our network design plans do the same thing. At ClickAway, the success of your business is our success.