Network Installation

There is more than one way to do things in life. For example, you can do things quickly or you can do them correctly. But while we all want things done today, we also know the importance of making sure things are done properly. Imagine the Bay Area if the Golden Gate Bridge was rushed into being after the design was hastily sketched onto a matchbook. Our region probably wouldn’t be the leading tech hub of the world if we didn’t believe in making sure that everything is properly connected. And when it comes to network installation for your business, that’s ClickAway’s motto, as well.

Installation of your network is the second step of our business networking solution. It’s one thing to design a great network, but if you don’t have the expertise to properly install the necessary infrastructure, it’s a waste of time and of money. Even more than that, a poorly-installed system doesn’t allow for network growth or adequately prepare you in the event that something goes wrong.

Our expert network installation services include:

  • Router setup and configuration
  • Switches setup and configuration
  • Workstation setup and configuration

From the heart of the server room to the desktop of every employee, our network installation makes sure that your office or place of business is connected, thriving, and ready to meet the challenges of a changing commercial and technical marketplace. At ClickAway, the success of your business is our business.